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My passion for learning and inclusion started with my parents.


My father lives in a world that sees his disability more than his humanity. And though my mother immigrated from Macau and became a US citizen decades ago, she still must fight to be accepted, respected, or even heard.


Each faced unique forms of discrimination but shared a struggle to find stable employment.

When I was seven, my mother became the sole breadwinner for our family of eight. She opened a childcare center at our home to do what she does best: care for others and help them grow. So each day after school, my siblings and I slipped out of our uniforms and into our roles as caretakers and teachers. 

It's no wonder my sister and I have dedicated our lives to developing others.

My parents experiences and example imprinted a deep passion for lifelong learning, inclusion, and allyship. No matter where I work, my goal remains the same: empower others, amplify unheard voices, and improve the workplace for all people.

I'll be sharing learning resources here to help others as they build empowering, inclusive programs. Love what you see? You can buy me a coffee to show your support.

5 Steps to Drive DEI at Work

5 Steps To Champion DEIB Change In Your Organization

5 Steps To Champion DEIB Change In Your Organization

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